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We love our planet and continually strive to be as eco-friendly as possible. From reuse of materials to recycling programs and solar energy initiatives, our goal is to improve, maintain and apply practices that will reduce impact on the environment. While we realize that this effort is never complete and always evolving, we consider this an important piece of building purpose into our culture.


We recently added solar panels to our headquarters in order to reduce our footprint and energy expenditure. With this addition, we were also able to add chargers for any electrical cars that might stop by.



When possible, we encourage our customers to reuse their products. This is especially true of our candle brands. Each Paddywax candle is made with a second life in mind, and you can bring in an empty candle vessel to any Paddywax Candle Bar location for a discounted refill!

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In all of our spaces, we make sure to use recyclable or compostable packaging where possible. At Stay Golden, this looks like metal straws in our restaurant and compostable coffee bags. At Paddywax Candle Bar, this looks like compostable straws for workshop use. All Olivina Men packaging is fully recyclable, with the goal of switching to PCR plastics by 2022. This is only the beginning, but we understand the importance of, and are committing to continuing to grow our efforts in this area!

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Our newest initiative, which is in its beginning stages right now, is the introduction of a hydroponic garden in our corporate office/Stay Golden Restaurant space. We are excited to see this project come to life in the coming season!


Our Stay Golden Roasting company is committed giving 5% of profits back to our farmers and back to the earth, by investing in biodiversity at our coffee farms. 

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