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DESIGNWORKS COLLECTIVE is a vibrant assortment of consumer brands comprised of Paddywax, The Candle Bar, Firefly Candle Co., Designworks Ink, Olivina Men, and Stay Golden. Everything we do is rooted in the belief that creativity deserves to be cultivated. We are a studio of curators, thinkers, and makers with a passion for sharing imaginative ideas and creating great products. We have thoughtfully built and expanded our family of brands with one common thread – you. While separately, each company has a unique voice, together they are purposefully connected. Our customers inspire us to focus on today and take the time to plan for tomorrow, and that means being mindful about the experience you have every time you connect with one of our brands.

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Established by Joseph Moore, DESIGNWORKS COLLECTIVE began as Designworks Investments. For over 10 years, we have been working with new and innovative companies to help them grow. We are more than just investors – our partnerships are carefully considered, nurtured, and strengthened by our in-depth involvement in everything from strategic support to overcoming creative challenges. Ultimately, we’re about forming memorable and relevant companies.


After an idea is born, each of our brands goes through its own product development process. While each brand looks a bit different, careful thought goes into each product we make, each dish we serve, and each experience or service we offer. 






Because we pride ourselves on offering top of the line products in each industry we are a part of, the design stage is incredibly important to us. Our creative and product development teams stay on top of current trends, draw inspiration from the world around us, and listen to customer feedback to ensure our final products will be enjoyed and cherished.

We strive to work with other companies and brands during the production process whose values align with our own. By joining forces with these types of companies, we are able to maintain the integrity of our process and our products - something incredibly important to us and something we are proud of. 

When we receive final products, it's like Christmas morning here at the office! Then, we are able to begin photographing and sharing our creations with our amazing retailers, reps, and online customers. 

Sharing our products and experiences with you all is why we do what we do. Hearing feedback of all types is incredibly important to us and is a driving force behind the changes and innovations we make each time this process begins again. 

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